Our Program

As we focus on fertility, thickness, depth of body and efficiency, we continually monitor our herd and our customers' needs to make sure we are offering top quality, high performing cattle; our cattle are designed to stand up to harsh winters, and hot dry summers. This year's offering will include calves off of several nationally known herd sires, and also from our own herd sires that we have hand-picked to enhance our program and maintain the quality we strive to provide.

S. Chisum 255

255 was our pick, and the top selling bull at the 2013 Spickler Ranch sale. This easy keeping Chisum son is a low birth weight, calving-ease bull out of a tremendous Chinook daughter. He offers more eye appeal than his sire, has superior feet and produces quality progeny. This sire group was the highlight of our 2016 sale. He has been used all over the nation, producing heavy muscled, low birth weight sons that will add value to your herd. His feminine daughters are deep and think. Owned with Shipwheel Cattle Company and Spickler Ranch.

NEW! Sitz Logo 12964

Sitz Logo 12964 was the sensation of the 2015 fall sale season. This big butted bull will add muscle and fleshing ability, while maintaining calving ease. Logo is a wide-based, highly fertile bull with an SC EPD of +2.22. He saw heavy use in our herd, especially on the heifers. Look for his calves in our 2018 sale! Owned with Griffin Land and Cattle Co and Sitz Angus.

Sitz Top Seed 539X

Top Seed - or X, as we like to call him - is a moderate framed, low birth weight Upward Son with excellent feet. His daughters are pretty-fronted and powerful, and his sons are deep and thick. He continues to be one of the top selling sire groups in our sale, and for good reason: he is to be a top calving ease sire that provides the thickness, depth and efficiency we are proud of. Owned with Minert/Simonson Angus, Sitz Angus and Lindskov-Thiel.

Connealy Judgment

Judgment sires extremely deep ribbed, low birth weight cattle. He is the easiest-doing bull we own; when we pull him out of the cows, he is as deep and thick as when we turned him in. His daughters are tremendous mothers with great udders. Owned with KG Ranch.

NEW! Sitz Asset 402C

Sitz Asset 402C is one of Resource’s best sons to date. This larger framed bull will add performance and style. 402Cs has an exceptional EPD profile, ranking in the top 1% of the breed in 7 different characteristics. Watch for his sons in our 2018 sale. Owned with KG Ranch and Sitz Angus.

LT Regions 4110

Regions was the top selling black bull of the 2015 Lindskov-Thiel sale. He has tremendous shape, a big hip, straight back and exceptional feet. We used him right down the center of our herd and the calves turned out tremendous. Because of his exceptional thickness, we didn’t use him on heifers, but he’s proven to be a calving-ease bull. This bull is QUIET!

LT Parker 3096

Parker, an Aberdeen son off of a tremendous 004 bred cow, was our pick at the 2014 Lindskov-Thiel Ranch sale. This quiet, high rib eye bull will add dimension and looks to his progeny. He also has good, quality feet.

Sitz Investment 689B

Our pick, and the high selling bull, of the 2015 Sitz Spring sale, Investment is a growth bull in every sense of the word. This large scrotal bull will add frame and dimension to his progeny.

Mytty Calvary 3205

Calvary 3205 was our top pick at the 2014 Mytty Angus sale. His first calf crop was received well by our customers, and he has proven himself a calving ease heifer bull; we like the thickenss and depth of his calves. Owned with Mytty Angus Ranch.

NEW! KG Logic 4010

KG Logic 4010 was our pick of the 2015 KG Ranch sale. We are excited to see his progeny.

KG Contrast 0144

We use 0144 to add extreme thickness and depth to cattle. With a 131 YW, he adds way more growth than his sire. His calves stand out in the pasture - they are thick!

KG Solution 3047

Our pick of the 2014 KG Ranch sale, we used this fancy bull to clean up our heifers. He has a nice EPD profile.